Small Groups

What is your group size? From 2 to 12 persons
or more!

Length of Tour

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do you want?
7, 10, 14 days or more!

Travel Style

What type of tour? Adventure, history, arts, food, and more!

Type of Service

What is your tour level?
Luxury, mid-range, or low-budget?

Design Your Tour

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We can help create your
tour the way you want!

Personal Consultant

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during your tour!

Choose Your Destination

We can provide and/or
give consultation for
over 70+ countries!

If you already have a specific travel plan in mind, then our customized tours are for you. Choose your desired group size. Choose your length of tour. Choose what you want to do on the tour (a tour similar to what is offered on our group tours page, or something different and/or with a specific focus), and your preferred level of accommodations (high-end, mid-range, budget). You will have the opportunity to adjust every facet of the tour, including the price level you wish to have.

If you like, we can also open your tour to the public so that more people have the opportunity to join, keeping costs down. You can also keep it private if you already have your group set up.

We also provide customized tours for company and association events, in the case your company or association wishes to set up a tour, either stand-alone or before/after an event, and requests our expertise and logistical support to make the tour happen.

When ready, you will be given a private link for registration as well as instructions to complete a deposit of $500 per person to reserve the dates for your group.

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