California School of the Deaf | Italy

“In March of 2008 we brought 17 students from California School for the Deaf Fremont over to Italy for 11 glorious days. Prior to the trip we had to encounter many planning and budget hazards but Terry was there every step of the way. Once in Italy Terry was nothing but a sensational, patient, wonderful and knowledgeable travel guide. It was his first time with a school group but he did not even show it! He took the time to talk with the students, answered all their questions, gave wonderful presentations, and continually modified the pace of the trip depending on the mood of the students. Dealing with high school teenagers is a whole different ballgame, but Terry handled it with grace and infallible charisma. The kids loved the fact that their tour guide was deaf and signed in ASL and always clamored for his attention. They felt as if Italy was a lot more accessible to them. Even to this day, the kids still talk about the trip. It was a FABULOUS trip and probably one of the best international studies trips CSD has taken! There are not enough words of thanks for everything, but let us say it again– Thank you!”


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