California School of the Deaf, Fremont | Italy

“CSD Fremont is proud of our longstanding relationship with Hands On Travel, a Deaf travel company that provides our students with so much more. With HOT, our students are able to get on the road towards global citizenship through meeting other Deaf citizens of the world, learning about the world through Sign Language and Deaf role models in Terry, Dan, and all the people associated with HOT. I myself had the privilege and joy of accompanying CSD’s International Studies class to Italy last year. Terry and Dan were more than gregarious hosts; they were able to expand our students’ minds and hearts. HOT’s choices of restaurants in Italy never once failed our taste buds during the entire two weeks we were with them. HOT took us to a Deaf winery owner’s cooking class, connected us with the Sicilian Deaf community, and we made new friends at the Padova Deaf school. Additionally, through our visits to all the local tourist spots, HOT exposed us to Italy in full. CSD Fremont will never go back to touring with a company that does not cater directly to Deaf students. HOT is a top-notch company, with better, quicker, and deeper travel experiences in all regions HOT visits.”