ASL Programs that have used our tour services:

Central Michigan University, Michigan
Rochester Institute of Technology, New York
William Woods University, Missouri
Tulsa Community College, Oklahoma
Medina Valley ISD, Texas

Our American Sign Language Immersion Tour is specifically designed for ASL and Interpreter Training Programs for any high school and post-secondary program (colleges, community colleges, universities).

This thematic tour is a wonderful opportunity for ASL and ITP teachers to bring their students outside of the classroom and to new places, where they will be able to expand their horizons by interacting with Hands On Travel’s guides and managers in ASL in addition to interacting with local deaf people in their own sign language, learning about deaf culture and history in different countries, and finding new ways to communicate and get immersed into ASL and sign language in general.

In 2013, our pilot ASL Immersion Tour was met with such positive reviews, as the ITP and ASL students on the tour remarked on how much their sign language skills improved in such a short time. They got to practice their sign language from morning to night every day and learn & practice ASL in a new atmosphere.

We are motivated to offer memorable experiences to any ASL and ITP program, and will be working closely with administrators and/or teachers throughout the process to ensure a smooth outcome. Our consultation services include assistance with the administrative tasks that are required in order to make the trip a success—such as fundraising, insurance, general liability-legal issues, necessary policies/rules for dealing with students abroad, and dealing with administration/parents.

To get started, send us an email at [email protected]