Get closer to real life situations with more personalized interactions.


Full access to information daily with our sign language guides.


Explore, eat and sleep the local way for better cultural immersion.


Customize your tour itinerary the way you dream it to be.

When Hands on Travel was established in 2002, it had a singular focus offering “hands on” experiences in small groups. It meant direct communication in sign language. It meant a full immersion with the locals. It meant walking tours utilizing public transportation in order to “live like the locals live.”

Today, we continue our dedication in providing travelers with the best this world has to offer. We are still opposed to the idea of mass tourism, which means bunching up a group of people in a big tour bus and wheeling them around to all the major sights with obligatory stops at mediocre restaurants and tourist-trap souvenir shops. We believe that travel shouldn’t be like this. Instead, we provide unique “hands on” experiences, which delights our travelers’ senses in fascinating and interactive programs that give them deeper appreciations of the place they are visiting.

Below are our important features that makes our tours unique, but not limited to:

  • We use mass transit: public bus, subway, train, and/or private vehicle.

    REASON for this? Big coach buses separate us from local people. We fail to experience or understand the “hands on” lives of locals.
  • Our tours usually involve extensive walking.

    REASON for this? We started out as a walking tour company. Walking offers close-up experiences with local people and hidden gems to discover.
  • Small groups are usually between 8 to 14 travelers.

    REASON for this? It's much easier to communicate full to everyone in semi-circle and make sign language 100% accessible. No more missing what is being said.
  • Again, small groups!

    ANOTHER REASON for this? We'd be able to dine in smaller, cozier and unique restaurants that would offer a local culinary experience unlike large, tourist-oriented restaurants. And, we'd be able to stay at smaller accommodations in prime locations unlike large chain hotels outside the city limits.
  • We use local Deaf guides.

    REASON for this? We strive to include local guides for certain days to promote maximum cultural experience as well as exchange deaf-related insights.
  • Attend deaf-related sights: workshops, clubs, organizations, businesses, and/or schools.

    REASON for this? Most of our customers will gain insightful observations and deeper understanding on how Deaf people live on a local level.
  • Be like locals.

    REASON for this? You will have more stories to remember and share when you’re back home. You get to experience more with our fully-immersed tours.