“An absolutely phenomenal trip! A Very unique experience! An excellent number of  A well-done pacing of the trip itinerary — everyday is full but not too full!  A balanced of all “tastes” of walking, cruising, touring, hiking, exploring the history, billeting us a lovely accommodation and many more.  In the footsteps of Ecuador and Galápagos Islands was not just a trip, was an unforgettable life experience. It uniquely combine all assets — small-size, extraordinary guides, carefully organized itinerary, lovely accommodation and meals to make a very special trip. I definitely miss my travel family! HOT is a place like home being away from home!  Definitely count me in for the next trip!”
–Denise Brown | Ecuador/Galapagos

“My first Hands on Travel tour in China and Tibet with Dan Brubaker for three weeks was great and amazing that I had never dreamed of. Dan is the best tour guide that I ever see. I also enjoyed meeting different deaf local people and experiencing good food. I will never forget this tour.”
–Tom Von Bergen | China

“We enjoyed our trip to Australia and New Zealand very much. We like the idea of having local deaf guides in Sydney and Auckland. We also felt like we were locals and self-explorers rather than being tourists. Thanks to Dan for being helpful and spending time with us.”
–Barbara and David Christianson | Australia/New Zealand

“Thank you for your guidance throughout the two-week tour. We enjoyed every minute of it and certainly got a taste of England and France. Your plans were great and your hard work made our trip fantastic. We hope to take another trip with you in the near future!”
–England & France Tour Group

“As with all of our travels through HOT, words alone cannot express our enjoyment and gratitude. You are the BEST!”
–Craig and Claudia Hoersten | Italy

“My tour of Italy with Hands On travel was spectacular.  I was impressed with our guide, Terry Giansanti’s vast knowledge of Italian history as we toured the Amalfi Coast, Rome including the Vatican City, Tuscany and Venice.  I had traveled to Italy in the past with my husband to visit friends there, but I found this trip so much more informative and interesting.  The Hands On Tour connected me to the richness of Italy’s culture, art, food and people.  I cherish the memories I have from the tour and now have a place in my heart for Italy.”
–Elizabeth Kolombatovic | Italy

“Best tour guide ever! Our favorite part of the tour was the scenic drives across country backroads and your choices of pubs/restaurants. The warmth and closeness you provided was unparalleled and we certainly will cherish all the unforgettable moments for a long time. Thank you very much for giving us this rich experience!”
–Ireland Tour Group

“What a mind-blowing trip it was! I shall always keep the wonderful experiences close to my heart. With heartfelt thanks to Charles, the trip was very well planned and executed. Nancy was beyond awesome.”
–Holly Benedict | African Safari

“Wow! The trip to Africa beats many trips I have taken! The Safari, the awesome deaf zoologist, Nancy, the sights, the logistics, the food, the drinks, were more than what I could ask for in an exciting adventurous experience. I have gained a better perspective of the wild life. Thanks for making the trip possible.”
–Elaine Aiello | African Safari

“We would like to extend our heartful appreciation for your excellent guiding and your patience. The tour was something we will never forget!”
–Al and Kea Manfredonio | Italy

“If you are looking for an adventure of touring Southern Africa, close encounters with the African mammals and reptiles, a qualified deaf zoologist/guide, top of the line sleeping quarters, exotic meals, and a taste of city life and history, this Southern Africa tour provided by HOT is perfect for you as we can vouch that this was the supreme experience we’ve have ever had in our life up to now. “
–The Richardsons | African Safari

“The most eye-opening part of the trip was watching the animals close up in their natural habitat. Africa is God’s zoo. Thank you and Nancy for making this trip happen.”
–Gena Fischer | African Safari

“I truly enjoyed every moment of my time with the Southern Africa tour and the safaris were awesome and surreal. I’ll always treasure them with much appreciation for the wild animals and the people of Africa. Thank you Charles and Nancy for making this tour happen.”
–Nancy Rogers | African Safari

“Just wanted to say a big thanks to Dan and his disposition was wonderful. I couldn’t have asked for better service. I’m where I’m now, if it weren’t for Dan. I made it through. AND, I enjoyed Ronise very much. She’s very charming, respectful, perky, and funny. She was very helpful when I needed her. No wonder, she enjoys her job very much. She had always stepped in to help me at the right time. She’s truly a valuable asset to Hands On Travel. Thank you!”
–Ginny Furman | India & Nepal

“We’ve been on four Hands On Travel’s tours and are thinking of doing more. HOT tours always result in memorable experiences. The small group tours allow us to stay in a more interesting variety of hotels and bed-and-breakfasts than we could if we were on a huge 40-person bus tour. Further, the small group size means we can eat at a more interesting variety of restaurants, and can change the itinerary as needed if we stay longer at one place than originally planned. HOT does all the work of selecting, planning, and delivering a comprehensive travel experience and for that the value of their tours is very reasonable.”
–Toni and Eric Eidson | England, Wales, & Scotland

–Ana Branco | Italy

“The Italian trip we took in September 2014 was very educational. We learned so much about how to appreciate culture and especially art. I was never interested in art but now I love looking at art and analyze what it’s about and why it was done that way. We really had a wonderful tour guide/teacher.
–Lou & Kathy Campero | Italy

“We leave with wonderful memories! Thank you for leading us on paths less traveled so we could sample the essence of Ireland. We’ll treasure those moments always! Thank you ever so much!”
–Ireland Tour Group

“Terry is very knowledgeable about Italy and its history, landmarks and culture . He did a fabulous job keeping every one of us entertained. He went out of his way numerous times to ensure that everybody needs had been met satisfactorily. Barbara and I had a fantastic time. I highly recommend Terry and HOT!”
–Richard & Barbara Morris | Italy

“Wow, what a memorable trip! Two weeks of great food, company, hotels and jokes – what an amazing adventure! Thank you so much! Merci! Gracias! It was an amazing trip and we enjoyed ourselves every moment of it.”
–France & Spain Tour Group

“Thank you so much for your professionalism, wisdom, knowledge, and humor as you guided us through Italy. You made it a wonderfully memorable trip and we all learned a lot. Taking a tour, with you, gave us an appreciation of the majesty of Italia. Grazie always!”
–Italy Tour Group

“Time flies and we didn’t forget our great memories of the 22 day Peru and Ecuador Tour with Dan! We want you to know that we enjoyed our adventures and having Dan with us surely made it very special and meaningful! We would love to join him for another tour some day!”
–Barry Harlan & Vicki Shank, Maryland | Peru & Ecuador

“I didn’t know what to expect before coming but I was eager for a spiritual journey through the arts, nature, wholesome company, and cuisine of Italy! Terry Giansanti thought of everything and knows his stuff. It was refreshing to sit back and relax and not have to coordinate a trip for once. It was the best decision I had made to travel with Hands On Travel and would do it again.”
–Rossana Reis, California

“Don’t just travel! Go exploring the world with Terry and HOT! And you will feel richer with knowledge, appreciation for other countries and their peoples! Recently I went on the three-week Bella Italia tour and what a fabulous adventure that was! I felt at home and enjoyed myself as a temporary local. I did not grasp the beauty of Italian art, history and culture until I went on this tour and it was like having a 3D class with action. I’ll be going back for more HOT tours in the very near future!”
–Gregg Brooks, California

“From the English Channel to the Mediterranean Sea, Paris to small villages, French wines, fabulous non-pasteurized cheeses, and foods, HOT did a wonderful job in planning to make our French trip full of a lifetime of memories. What was so important with this trip was the small and fabulous group in a small van, not a full bus with a hundred tourists. We will definitely use HOT again in the future!”
–Tom & NaVee Duncan, Maryland

“Roy and I would like to thank you again for making our trip to Germany such a memorable one. We truly enjoyed visiting all the wonderful cities, but our favorite ones were the small quaint towns, such as Rothenburg as well as those along the Rhine River (St. Goar, Bacharach, and Rudesheim.) In addition, we were fortunate to be with such a great Deaf group, including you as the organized tour manager, Helmut as the knowledgeable tour guide, and Mike as the careful driver. Your fantastic service was very much appreciated so we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”
–Roy & Carrie White, Maryland

“I loved visiting France through HOT. The country was beautiful, the people in the group were great and the tour guide very accommodating. It was my 2nd trip with HOT, as they are always well-coordinated and make traveling so easy. Thanks for the great memories!”
–Kim Calabretta, North Carolina

“I had the pleasure of accompanying a friend on a private tour of Italy with Terry. I was constantly impressed with his knowledge of the sites, the terrain and the people! He could answer the most random questions and knew the best cafes with the nicest people in every town! Throughout the trip he translated the menus and suggested just the right meals for us. He really attended to every detail to make our trip unforgettable. I cannot recommend him highly enough!”
–Jennifer Mantle, California

“The World War II tour in Normandy and Belgium was one of the highlights of my world travel.  I cannot ask for a better tour coordinator for this tour. Thank you!  Albert Hlibok, a guide, was a valuable asset to the tour as he shared with us his passion of World War II history and knowledge of various battles.  I enjoyed the first-hand information from Mr. Hlibok.  Visits to the D-Day beaches, the Battle of the Bulge scenes, soldier cemeteries and battle museums were awesome.  I am glad to have grabbed the opportunity to participate in the tour since I wanted to understand what and how my father (a T-sergeant in the Army Air Corps) had gone through.  I am hoping that Hands On Travel will continue this tour for other tourists.”
–Mike Marzolf, Virginia

“We just got back from Ireland where we had the most fabulous trip of our lives! We spent two weeks with Terry Giansanti who owns and runs Hands On Travel. With his expertise in handling the travel throughout Ireland for the 8 of us, it was not a typical vacation! It was truly an exploration in which we went out to the back country, going to places that very few tourists have ever gone, hiking on hills, picnicking on the beach, and staying at terrific bed and breakfast places including a brownstone in Dublin, an old hotel in Galway, a grand house in Dingle, a farm (with cows and rabbits) in Kenmare, a country house in Schull, and the best of all, a manor near Kinsale run by the 10th generation of the family living in it! The beds were all heavenly and the breakfasts more than delicious. Terry is simply the best in the deaf travel business! He is charming, knowledgeable, considerate, and lots of fun!”
–Gregg Brooks & Kenn Good, California

“Great job! It has been a great pleasure having you as our tour planner as well as our guide. The trip has been fun, educational, and memorable for all of us. We will always cherish the times we have spent here in Ireland, full of breath-taking views and interesting history. Many thanks!”
–Franna & Walt Camenisch, Texas

“You are a great tour leader with a pleasant personality, particularly fabulous sense of humor, and you made our tour group members happy on the road all the way!”
–Nancy & Steve Chough, Maryland

“During 2009 we took two tours with Hands On Travel, one to Scandinavia and another to Italy. Hands On Travel is aptly named and in testimony to HOT, we like the small tour group concept as it has enabled us to travel with a degree of flexibility, with close friends, stay at small downtown hotels and dine at off-the-beaten-path restaurants that serve great cuisine, all of which are generally not possible with large tour groups. Hand waves and accolades to HOT!”
–Harry & Joy Larson, Maryland

“We had a wonderful trip to Italy with Terry Giansanti and a small group of three other couples. Bob says that it was the best vacation he ever had. Terry’s knowledge of the Italian culture, history and geography is awesome! I have gone on vacations with larger groups and being with a small group makes it more personal!”
–June & Bob McMahon, Florida

“A great travel experience– great attention to detail and the use of local deaf guides was a big plus!”
–Judith & Phil Bravin, Vermont

“Thanks for making our trip pleasant, and for your flexibility and humor. Honestly, we thank you for the wonderful experience of seeing how Romans lived and are still living, in addition to all Italians in different parts of the country, etc etc!”
–Allie Joiner & Estie Provow, Washington

“What fantastic memories we have of our Italian Pilgrimage. Forty-two members of the Deaf Community from the United States joined with the delegation from the Archdiocese of Philadelphia for a 10 day pilgrimage to Italy. The International Pilgrimage of Catholic Deaf People, Rome 2008 was fantastic.  What made our tours and travel more than we could have hoped for or imagined was having Hands on Travel and Terry Giansanti as our guide in so many of the remarkable historic, religious and cultural destinations in Rome, Florence, Orvieto and Assisi.  Terry’s assistance planning and during our trip was outstanding. He made the pilgrimage a real hands on, deaf friendly, trip of a lifetime. Terry mediated language, history, culture, and geography in such a professional, warm friendly way. Many of us are looking forward to our next opportunity to experience Italy with Hands on Travel!
–Sister Kathleen Schipani, Deaf Apostolate, Archdiocese of Philadelphia

“It was an excellent experience exploring Italy! Honestly, you were excellent in giving us good lectures on each part of Italy. We were very lucky to have full communication access with you. Well worth it! We would recommend this to all of our friends!”
–Raymond & Diane Kilthau, Colorado

“Everything about our Russia, Finland, and the Baltic States trip was fantastic! This tour offered us the opportunity to see and experience Moscow, St. Petersburg, Helsinki, Tallinn, Riga, and Vilnius in a way that wouldn’t have been possible on our own. We enjoyed meeting deaf people in each of the cities we visited. We appreciate being able to sit back and relax and enjoy our vacation with everything taken care of by HOT! Since we were so impressed with the quality of service given by HOT we plan to use this company for our future travel plans.”
–Kitty & Lance Fischer, Maryland

“Going on the Ireland trip with HOT was one of the most memorable trips we had in our whole life. We had the opportunity to see so many beautiful scenes such as the beautiful pastures, blue skies, blue ocean, clear brooks, breathtaking mountains, sandy beaches, and much more. Terry provided us with great insights on exploring the island by taking us to pubs and restaurants with great food and to many comfortable bed and breakfast places. For those who want to see the inside and outside life of Irish people, travel on windy roads with Terry is a MUST!!!”
–Steve & Dot Brenner, Maryland

“Starting with the spectacular view on the Amalfi Coast, visiting Capri, and the driving on the hillsides keeping everything exciting, was a tremendous beginning of a two week visit with a fun group of people. Rome, Tuscany, Florence and Venice, all with a guide to take us to the best places each location had to offer, from restaurants to hotels to museums to simple sightseeing. The knowledge that Terry has of Italy (his wife was born there and claims that Terry knows more about Italy than she does!) added immensely to the tour. A can’t miss vacation!”
–Jim & Holly Macfadden, Maryland

“We wanted to say how grateful we are to you for being our wonderful guide. Spending time in Italy was a pleasure and a learning experience! Many thanks for sending us home with wonderful memories! Arrivederci!”
–Paul & Rosemary DonAroma, Connecticut

“Francis and I were extremely fascinated with the details you gave in museums and other places. When you explained about masterpieces, we felt like we were in them. With your deep heart, you introduced the legendary Italian love of good things, including GOOD FOOD! We enjoyed the bed and breakfast places. It left a lasting effect on us. We also learned so much about each region of Italy, totally different from each other. Thank you very much!”
–Jenny Sue & Francis Bourne, Maryland

“If I am asked to say just ONE word how I feel about the Alpine Jewels Tour, it would be “AWESOME!” I really had a great time with the tour group and D&D (Donalda & Diane).  D&D were terrific guides, believe me!  They really know these three countries.  D&D had helped me appreciate the Bavaria’s culture much more!  Having dinner with Bavarian deaf community members with their traditional Bavarian clothing inthe beer garden was an especially memorable moment for me. Now, I have a very warm fuzzy feeling whenever I see the word “Bavaria”.  Also, I have fallen in love with Switzerland and its majestic mountains and green grassy slopes with cows and bells around their necks.  D&D brought us to many beautiful places in Switzerland.  Now, I look at Colorado’s mountains with shrugging shoulders … nothing compare with Switzerland’s mountains.  You would not believe how many pictures I have taken of its mountains! I really enjoyed staying at Fontana Passugg.  It was my favorite place to stay. I was very much impressed how the deaf, HH and late-deafened people worked together to make the conference retreat center successful! I will always keep all the wonderful memories in my heart with a smile on my face! Thank you very much for providing the Alpine Jewels Tour!!!”
–Shirley Gsell, Colorado

“The Alpine Jewels tour was indeed in very capable hands, It was evident to everyone that both Donalda and Diane were not just seasoned travelers, but gifted teachers and genuine individuals as well. Both Donalda and Diane were so open with all of us about their experiences, and they were able to share so much information that we probably would never have been able to obtain from a different guide.  Their personal contacts in Germany and Switzerland were absolutely incredible in sharing their country’s culture with us. The places we stayed at were great! Rooms very clean and good breakfasts every morning. Thanks for providing this tour.  I really love HOT’s concept about small groups led by signing tour guides!”
–Rachel Naiman, Colorado

“We enjoyed the wonderful trip to Italy in October 2007. Our deaf guide, Terry, gave us a great tour and we learned a lot about Italy’s culture and its rich history. We visited Rome, the Vatican City, and numerous churches, museums, beautiful Tuscan towns, Venice and the surrounding islands. We walked around a lot in the cities and towns. Also, Terry took us to many great restaurants where we had the best food and finest wine.”
–Becky Fedio, Ruth Davis, Michael & Lucille Steffy, Ronald & Joan Fenicle, Barbara Johnston & Janet Rader, Pennsylvania

“The tour that you organized for the 13 of us last Fall was wonderful, educational, and very enjoyable. Roy and I truly appreciated your excellent service as a tour guide, and you certainly were very patient. Thank you!”
–Roy & Carrie White, Maryland

“Terry, your planning of each day of the trip was impressive, and gave us lots of wonderful memories. We’ll never, never, never forget the best surprise gift we got on our wedding anniversary in Venice! Thank you for your professional job.”
–John & Cynthia Minter, Arizona

“We want to express our warmest thanks for your remarkable guiding work in Italy. We really learned a lot of interesting things from you. We were really happy to travel with you and will definitely join another of your groups!”
–Carl & Betty Wildhagen, California

“Terry and Jennifer..thank you very, very much for such fantastic and awesome tour of LIT England.. Would love to have the second trip of the same magnitude in England..with new writers/poets/artists thrown in……With the perfect wet and cool weather plus the group plus the English character of the trip, it was totally beautiful! Thanks again!”
–Albert & Peggy Hlibok, New York

“The Sunday dinner together on the mountains was very great. We know about Italian customs and traditions through my father who often told me about his family’s traditional ways of life. We all will never forget our trip with the Deaf group in Italy. All the people were so wonderful and respectful friends including Serafino “Sey” who was our 5-star body guard as he always kept his eyes on us to make sure we do not get lost and was helpful with interpreting as a good native Italian. Thanks to him, too. We are grateful for your tour guidance.”
–Walter & Kathy Werra, Arizona

“The trip was definitely enhanced with plenty of prospects of staying at agriturismo country homes on rolling hills; visiting Tuscany and Umbria defined by their many medieval towns/villages dating to hundreds of years and their sceneries elegantly decorated with tall cedar trees, rows of olive trees and grape vines and plenty of hectares of sunflowers plants. Can’t stop raving about the italian cuisine and being spoiled with their variety of gelato. Terry and Sey are two wonderful, knowledgeable guides who definitely added spice to my trip. Grazie!”
–Marie Williams, Maryland

“Hi Terry… I STILL miss Italy! I already taught my friends wine tasting and drinking. After this trip I feel I’m now a professional wine taster and drinker. Thank you for a great cultural lesson. I had a fabulous trip especially the scenic drives in Umbria and Tuscany, gorgeous medieval cities, marvelous walks, well informed tours… a must for anyone who loves adventures in a foreign country.”
–Patricia Wilmore, Florida

“Terry…we are truly appreciative on how you planned our vacation in Italy! It was awesome! We couldn’t ask for more! Roy did an excellent job of interpreting at the Vatican. Both of my boys were enthralled into the history there! I was worried that maybe my boys were bored but I was wrong. They enjoyed every moment, in fact they wanted to go back again! Again, many thanks and I would highly recommend your agency to anyone who is interesting in going to Italy! Thank you for giving us wonderful memories on a hassle free trip!!!”
–The Berdy Family, California

“We wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed Ireland.  You were great and so was Teresa.  You made it worry-free for me (professional worrier) and that was a blessing.  I know it’s tough to please everyone, but we were impressed with your graciousness towards all of us. We enjoyed getting to know the group too. We will be back!”
–Carla Mathers & Darlene Hubbard, Maryland

“THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your excellent service as a wonderful, interesting, lively tour guide!!! I have learned a great deal about Italy … and I have fallen in love with Italy!”
–Shirley Gsell, Colorado

“Terry, thank you for the most enlightening and educational trip of our lives – we truly enjoyed ourselves traveling in the Old World with you as our guide. We knew we could not do it on our own. So, thanks from the very bottom of our hearts for everything you did for us. And thanks for the delicious gelato!”
–Andrea & Tony Panella, Virginia

“Our trip was AWESOME!!! There is no better opportunity than having a deaf tour guide with a remarkable knowledge of the history in Italy, wine-tasting, gourmet-dining, art, etc. We enjoyed ourselves immensely with what Terry planned for us…..excellent accommodations, restaurants and sight-seeing. Another thing…..he wanted to be sure that we were at utmost satisfaction with what we wanted to see, and we are happy about that. Thus we recommend him due to the good memories of our trip for 18 days with him.”
— Helene and Mel Wheeler, Massachusetts

“We were pleased with the package that you offered, and liked how you were able to give us creative, customizable solutions. The nice thing about your consultation services is how you were able to provide us with Plan B and Plan C. One of the pluses was your e-mail responsiveness, which made the the travel planning as effortless as possible. We definitely had a perfect babymoon in Italy, and we have you to thank.”
–Christopher Brown & Roberta Mather, Washington D.C.

“Our adventure in Italy was superb. You did a great job reserving comfortable hotels and good restaurants for us, and taking us to interesting destinations. I enjoyed learning from Terry’s amazing knowledge of history, culture, geography, and art of Italy. I would love to go to Europe again with Terry because he is such an easygoing person.”
–Ted Myhre, Indiana

“We certainly did have a blast in Italy recently due to a well organized two-week tour prepared by Terry. His narrative presentation throughout the tour was very informative and impressive. Also, after our daily tours we had a great time during the evenings to sample the Italian cuisine and wines selected by Terry and moreover we had a real joyful, relaxing and casual fellowship with our tour group including Terry and his assistant, Sey during these dinners. Hats off to Terry and Sey. If you should consider for a tour in Italy, we highly recommend you to contact Terry.”
–Race & Jean Drake, Virginia

“We had an incredibly superb vacation with an excellent tour guide, Terry.  With Terry’s great knowledge in Italy culture, history, art, wine tasting and stories, we couldn’t ask for more.  All these great times dining out at great restaurants, walking tours, fingertasting with a fantastic group and a great assistant in Sey was just memorable.  We ll be back!”
–Charlie Marmo & Ron Scolaro, Los Angeles, California

“Everytime we see images of Italy in our snapshots, books in bookstores, or even in the movie “Mission Impossible 3″, we get excited! We truly appreciated you as our guide, as you helped us acclimate to the foreign language, lead us to historical sites, and give us interesting information which we wouldn’t have gotten otherwise on our own, and see firsthand what they eat in restaurants! I wish we could have seen more places, but then we would have to extend many more days. Thank you once again for the wonderful memories.”
— Barbara & Fred Bass, Phoenix, AZ

“Terry, thank you to you and Roy both. My son thoroughly enjoyed himself on the tour. I never thought it would be possible for him to get a signed tour of the Vatican. You have helped make a wonderful trip a lot more memorable and special FOR one deaf 12 year old from sunny Florida.”
–Amy Prado, Florida

“The perfect trip!  What a pleasure to go on a vacation of a lifetime and only have to make airline reservations! My daughter and I were fortunate enough to spend a week with Terry in March as he guided us through Rome, Florence and Siena, and our experience could not have been better. Terry is professional, very knowledgeable, patient and a real pleasure to travel with. An added bonus is his extensive wine knowledge – what a treat. Although our time was short, I don’t think we missed a thing.  The best part of all was the fact that my daughter could communicate with him directly – first-hand information all the way.  I look at our pictures often – what great memories.  Terry, thank you for providing such a wonderful and needed service.”
–Karen & Lauren Bain, Cleveland, Ohio

“We had the best time with you!  After your tour, we went back to the forum, and both Brian and Casey acted as our guide and they both remembered so much, and were proud to show off. Brian even gave a little girl a demonstration on how to use the water fountain. I remember asking you how you get new customers, and you said that word of mouth is the most effective. I get it now. I have been telling everyone about you, and what a great experience we had! Thanks again for making Rome come alive for us.”
–The Johnson-Pasqua Family, California

“We found ourselves in Rome for a visit. On the first day, we walked around without Terry and we were fumbling with our guidebooks and maps and wondering what the different sites were around Rome. We saw a site that had several ruins that was overrun with cats. It appeared to be a cat refuge of some sort. At that time, Sally and I could only speculate and guess what the sign said (it was all in Italian). The next day, Terry took us on a wonderful tour of the city of Rome and he gave us a very in-depth historical explanation of each site in ASL. Both Sally and I soaked in all the fascinating information and we were totally awed about what we learned. We walked by a non-descript building and Terry stopped us and explained it was the first school for the Deaf in Rome. We would have never have known that if it wasn’t for Terry. We walked by the ruins with the cat refuge and Terry asked us if we knew the significance of that place. Sally and I replied that it looked like some sort of unknown ruins that they let the cats used. Terry smiled and pointed to a spot between two fallen Roman columns and explained that was the spot where Julius Caesar was killed! Our jaws absolutely dropped and that itself was well worth the price of the tour! What’s more, Terry, in his energetic and animated manner, took us to a lot of spots of historic significance and explained a lot of cultural tidbits of the people of Rome.”
–Scot & Sally Atkins, South Dakota

“For those planning a trip with and by a DEAF guide in Italy, a walking tour would definitely play into the passion of a maestro in Mr. Terry Giansanti. How could we capture in so few words the walking tour through the hill towns of Tuscany and Umbria than through the timeless footpaths developed by those townspeople centuries ago? That beats by a wide margin of seeing Europe through the frame of a car window! This is the pristine way to go to experience through your eyes and mind the primitive and spiritual touch crafted by human hands as you leisurely scan through the built landscapes.”
–Mark Hansen, Austin, Texas

“Now that Terry also enlivened this “surreal” experience with his wonderful storytelling intertwined with historical facts for point of interest in Venice, Florence and Rome. He skillfully enhances a story with details about culture, food & wine, language, romance and traditions both locally and from other places around the world. Thank you, Terry, for your time and energy in sharpening our awareness of the surrounding beauty and pace of life.”
–Joanie Hansen, Austin, Texas

“What a wonderful time I had in Italy under your leadership! There were so many new experiences and adventures! I really learned a lot. All of a sudden, the two weeks were over; time went by so fast! Then the pictures arrived and reminded me of how many exciting different things we did. I saw all that! Wow. It was my best vacation ever and I can’t thank you enough.”
–Alma Bournazian, Massachusetts

“Wow! As an adventurer, this was the BEST trip I ever took and well worth my money and time. I strongly recommend that anyone take this HOI trip with Terry Giansanti (highly recommended, incredible guide). A very well informed, fun, eye-opening and pleasurable tour. Italy is really a beautiful country with sleepy Tuscany villages, vineyards, Roman ruins, staying in a convent and poppy fields. I am on cloud nine and still smiling over the wonderful times I had. I would do it over again in a heartbeat. You are awesome, Terry.”
–Marjorie Klish, Colorado

“We enjoyed seeing you talk about many little things in Rome and other places. We also enjoyed the gondola ride to see Venice and the canals…thanks to you and Sey. We loved the delicious Italian cuisine especially in the beautiful Tuscany country. We had a great time in Italy for 2 weeks. You did a good job as a tour guide.”
–Tom & Carol Higdon, Maryland

“I had a wonderful time! Everything was great and I loved Italy. Thanks for showing us your new country. I’ve been telling everyone that you gave the best tour! thanks!”
–Suzanne Burley, North Carolina

“Italia 101– Having not been to Italia before, Terry’s introduction to Italia was an eye-popper and jaw-dropper! With Terry’s expert guidance, we were able to visit Firenze, Assisi, Pisa, Tuscany and Umbria regions. Toward the end of our trip, we took Roma with Terry as our guide for a few days. His knowledge of Italia’s history was magnificent which made our walking tours special. He also made recommendations where to dine at several special eateries, shopping at some famous locations, etc. Many thanks for making our first taste of Italia a memorable one!”
— Nancy and Cliff, Tucson, AZ

“Our time with Terry in Rome, Tuscany, and Florence went wonderfully. We were very interested in shopping for some specific collectibles and Terry helped us find exactly what we were looking for. What’s more, he did all the driving and guiding, so we never needed to use a map and were able to enjoy the beautiful country in peace!”
–The Marchicas & Konoskis, New York/Florida

“We are so happy we chose you. We had a very relaxing time because we didn’t have to plan anything. It was so NON-STRESSFUL. A very welcome change to most vacations. And I certainly would utilize your services should my sister and I travel to Italy again. It is a beautiful country. Meeting you made it a very special experience for both of us. In addition, I will never forget our special dinner in the lemon garden near Sorrento.”
–Leilani & Pearl

“It takes more than a paragraph to say what we felt/went through. It was a marvelous trip and we learned and enjoyed so much, the culture, the food, the people and the country! Without your guidance, our four-week vacation to the “4 corners of Italy” wouldn’t be as fabulous. We genuinely felt the Italian culture as pure as it can be in a very short span of time. Italy is beautiful! Tuscany is God’s country and you made it possible for us to feel that way! Positano and the Amalfi Coast are spectacular, too! Thanks a million, many times over.”
–Al & Kathy Darby, Connecticut

“There is no better way to visit Italy than with Terry Giansanti and Hands On Italia. My recent trip had the feel of being on my own but with the guidance of someone who knows Italy through and through. The trip was personalized to what I wanted to see and do — no set itinerary, no set time, and all the flexibility in the world! The pre-trip planning was invaluable and Terry made things so smooth and easy. If only Terry could be cloned to provide “Hands On” tours for other countries!”
–Marcia Zisman, Maryland

“If you are traveling solo and truly want a Roman holiday adventure, ride with Terry on the back of his motorcycle and see Rome! Terry really knows the neighborhoods by heart. Even if you can’t stay in Rome forever, he’ll make sure you leave your heart behind, wanting more of Italy.”
–Teresa Ezzell, Washington, D.C.

“We will never forget Terry Giansanti, who was a wonderful helper. He could write well in Italian language, and helped us find the birth certificate of Josette’s grandmother who was born in the Tyrol region. He made our genealogical research much easier. He also traveled with us all over northern Italy and we are grateful for his service for deaf people. We loved him!”
–Doni & Josette, California

“Thanks for putting all your planning efforts into our 9 day trip. It was an experience we will never forget, especially the Jewish tour of Rome, the ruins of Pompeii, the diversity of Florence, the leaning experience of Pisa, and, of course, the beauty of Venice!!”
–Ken, Sharon, Joshua, Michael and Rachel, California

“Tuscany was awesome and majestic because of Terry’s expert guidance. Walking in the vineyards made me feel a free spirit by seeing the full genuine countryside of Tuscany. I love the beauty of nature. It’s worth a million “hands” to have HOI as an independent travel service for the Deaf.”
–Maureen Mazza, Arizona

“We loved the overall experience. What we liked most about the tour was that our tour guide knew everything and explained it all very clearly. Anybody else would have given a general tour of Rome, but Terry showed us a lot of details around the city. Terry was clear, patient, and very helpful.”
–Brenda Thornton & her school group, Virginia

“We had a blast on the Rome tour with you because you are an incredible guide! We also shall return to the States and tell people how awesome you were!”
–Erin Kearney, Illinois and Krissy Piorkowski, Colorado

“Our guided hiking trips to the Chianti region and Cinque Terre for my 30th birthday trip was so magical and we are still taking about our lovely vacation with Terry. It was fantastic as we got to explore the “backdoor” of Italy with him within a short time frame. He picked outstanding and quaint out-of-the way resturants and the food was heavenly! The selected wineries was a big hit with us and we are very grateful to Terry for showing the “best” of Italy in a limited time. We definitely recommend him to anyone who wants to visit Italy! We’ll be back and use Terry’s services again! Grazie Mille!”
–Sarah & Xavier Arana, Minnesota

“I had a phenomenal time on your tours of Chianti and Cinque Terre. Such a great time filled with laughter and tears!! Thank you so much!!!”
–Adrianna Smart, Virginia

“Thank you so much for your help with transportation to/from the airport and tips on our stay in Positano. The trip along the coast will forever be etched in our memory!”
–Sharon Hayes & Kathy Tayman, Maryland

“Of all the traveling I have done, my recent trip to Tuscany with HOI was one of the most delightful experiences I’ve had. For a first time in a long time, as a deaf tourist, I was able to access the same information that other hearing tourists were able to receive through English, but this time in ASL.There were fascinating informative details about the vineyards, the wines, and the countryside. A truly eye-opening and pleasurable tour, even more so since Terry is also a personable tour guide, who is easy going and sociable. All the more an enriching experience from my visit to Italy. I highly recommend people visiting Italy for the first time to use HOI.”
–Mandy Frederickson, Minnesota

“Without Terry’s help and recommendations, we might have had some glitches and frustrations. He was very willing and made every effort to meet our expectations and wishes. He met us at our hotel in Naples on time and took us all the way to Sorrento, Positano and Amalfi in his car. He showed us around, not only in the towns but also a hidden restaurant on the hilltop, back roads, other villages, and introduced us to buffalo mozzarella cheese. His knowledge of Italy history, language and customs are impressive. Terry, we thank you!”
–Ricky Schoenberg & Pandy Branam, California

“I took a private trip in Italy with Hands On Italia. We visited Rome, Florence & Venice. Terry was just great in showing me the best of the historic city of Rome. He was excellent in giving me all the details so that I would not miss a thing. I felt so well-informed & enjoyed the sights. We took a day trip to Pompei/Sorrento – that just was the best – He even took me to visit a very authentic hilltop restaurant that I wouldn’t have discovered otherwise. The views were just breathtaking. Terry has a vast knowledge of Italy and I learned a lot from him. Terry is very reliable and prompt and is always on time.Thanks Terry for all the terrific work. My trip wouldn’t have been the same without you.”
–Vijay Khanna, New York

“A friend recommended that I contact Terry directly to help me get the most out of my trip to Rome. Terry gave me great advice and suggestions. He was accurate and much more helpful than the guidebook I purchased. The walking tour was marvelous. The dynamics we were able to have was wonderful because we shared the same language. What I learned and experienced has been invaluable and I have continued to share those experiences with many people, young and old, as I believe this helps enrich everybody’s life. It has certainly enriched mine! Thanks HOI!”
–Jillian Forschner, Pennsylvania

“We’ve been on adventure trips but never had a knowledgeable guide with sign language skills to portray us with the history, facts and stories of each hilltop town and unique place. The guide read us the menu and gave excellent suggestions on which entrees to try. We highly recommend HOI to travelers who desire to spice up their ‘hands-on’ adventure in Italy. Thanks for the phenomenal experience!”
–Mont & Barbara Richardson, California

“Terry’s knowledge of Italy is impressive. We recently took two trips there and each time his advice has been invaluable in making our vacations special. His research on good hotels, restaurants, and places to see saved us a lot of time and gave us a lot of pleasure. All his recommendations were on target! We recommend Terry highly.”
–Herb & Roz Rosen, Maryland

“We spent several days in Tuscany. The scenery was so beautiful that we felt like we were traveling on Cloud 9! We slept in a very old country inn deep in Tuscany and had the best meal of our lives at a nearby restaurant. We toured several castles and drove through small towns. Without Terry, we wouldn’t have known the secrets of Tuscany. His extensive knowledge of Tuscany and the Italian language made wonders for us on our trip!”
–Bruce & Shelly Franks, Virginia

“We are seasoned travelers who enjoy discovering hidden secrets that are often overlooked by the majority of people. We also enjoy becoming a part of the local culture and sampling the regional cuisine. During our visit to Italy, Terry gave us some excellent tips that really helped add some memorable moments to our vacation.”
–Linda Bove & Ed Waterstreet, California