The Team


Terry Giansanti

Terry is a deaf American with Italian bloodlines who now lives in Rome, Italy. After graduating from Gallaudet University, he came here in search of “la dolce vita” (the sweet life). In 2002 he established Hands On Travel to share his love of Europe with deaf travelers. His passions are traveling, reading, food, and sports.


Dan Brubaker

Dan has been to 84 countries including Bolivia, Cuba, Morocco, Myanmar, North Korea and Oman. He has also presented at Deaf Youth Leadership Camps in Germany and Thailand as well as team-coordinating an exchange program between two deaf schools in Kentucky, USA and Kamensk, Russia.


Darren Frazier

Darren was raised in a nomadic family in USA and held many occupations: teacher, actor, photographer, filmmaker, carpenter, chef and more. Of his 60+ countries, his favorites are Japan, Chile; Finland (Suomi). Twice, he was an expat for 8 years in Finland and Cambodia. Darren resides in Tacoma, Washington, with his deaf wife, Ronise and deaf daughter, Franki.


Martin Dale-Hench

Martin grew up in Detroit, Michigan.  Wanting to travel the world, he caught a plane to Cancun, Mexico and hitchhiked all the way to the Ushuaia, the southernmost city of the Americas.  As a result, his desire to live in another country led him to a job teaching ASL and English in Japan. Currently, Martin resides in Tokyo since 2013 and enjoys studying Japanese language, cycling and traveling.


Rachel Soudakoff

A MBA graduate from Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), Rachel was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She is an avid adventurer and photographer, and has visited a total of 46 countries. Currently, she work for us as Marketing Manager, and in her free time, enjoys sampling a variety of cuisines and discovering hidden gems.


Ronise Barreras

Ronise, a Latinx-American, was born in Los Angeles, California. After high school, she moved to Seattle and became a Deaf and DeafBlind Interpreter for 10+ years. Needing a break, she took a risk and moved to Cambodia where she volunteered in a NGO for deaf Cambodians for 8 years. Currently, Ronise resides in Tacoma, WA, returning as a freelance Deaf and DeafBlind interpreter.


Himel Chowdhury

Himel hails from London, England. Throughout his life and around his jobs, he has travelled extensively around the world. Himel has been a part of Hands On Travel’s tours as a Tour Guide for United Kingdom and France since 2013. Currently, he is a freelance 3D Architectural Visualizer and loves to read, dine, hike, yoga and meet new people from all cultures.


Charles A. Giansanti

Charles manages our finances, taking care of all the small details that cannot be swept under the carpet. He worked at Gallaudet University for many years before retiring to move down southwest where the sun shines much more often. He keeps himself occupied with hiking, reading and traveling.


Kilian Spillner

Kilian is a true Bavarian from Munich, Germany.  One day, he visited Cambodia and fell in love. So, he quit his job and moved there.  Fortunately, he learned to be a tour guide for Cambodia Deaf Tours.  Now, we welcome him on board after he worked on several tours with Hands On Travel as a Tour Guide.  During free time, he loves hiking, playing sports and photography.


Serafino Timeo

Serafino was born and raised in Turin, Italy. He has worked as a tour operator for more than 15 years and has collaborated with HOT from its very first days, back in 2004! Serafino is passionate about culture and Italian politics. During his free time he likes to enjoy good food and wine in addition to photography.

Gabriele Caia

Gabriele Caia

Gabriele is a proud native of Syracuse, Sicily. He currently teaches Italian Sign Language (LIS) at the prestigious Ca’ Foscari University in Venice. He lives in Padua with his deaf wife and 2 deaf children. He has worked with HOT since 2007 as a tour guide for Italy.