Hands On Travel originated out of the passion to travel and experience new things in life. Our founder, Terry Giansanti, had dreamt about living in Europe after graduating from Gallaudet University. In 1999, he moved to Rome to work for the Italian Deaf Olympic Committee. Once he arrived in the Eternal City, he found it very hard to leave. During the 2001 Deaflympics which were held in Rome, he was disappointed that many deaf tourists had negative comments on their experiences in Rome. Terry believed Rome was impossible to hate, and wanted to ensure that all future deaf travelers to Rome and to Italy would be able to enjoy it to the maximum, by having an insider to be a sign language guide.In 2002, with thanks to the support of Roberto Wirth of Hotel Hassler and Peter Crawford of Girosole, Terry established Hands On Italia. The demands for these kind of tours increased steadily and many people remarked how they wanted to replicate that travel experience (small groups, deaf guides, deaf-centric itineraries) to other countries. Hence, in 2005, Hands On Italia became Hands On Travel to signal a new era where we began providing tours outside of Italy. Now, with an ever-expanding team, we are able to provide tours in over 60 countries worldwide.
Ever since our inception in 2002, our core tenets have remained the same. We truly believe that exceptional travel experiences come from three sources: sign language guides, small groups, and unique experiences. We are proud to have provided so many great memories to all of our participants.